LIVE DEALER - Roulette

The Roulette is perhaps one of the most interesting and, for starters, probably one of the most frequently played games on the Live dealer.

Before joining the table you can choose between two dealers, where, in addition to the image of each of them, there is a history of spins that resulted with zero, red and black fields and the percentage of the number of spins resulting in zero, red or the black number.

What is most important, you sit at the table by choosing the minimum value of chips from the bottom line, you bet on the number or between the numbers, and not the minimum amount of money with which you sit at the table!

Three values are offered:

  • Minimum bet on the number 1 RSD - Maximum 500 RSD 
  • Minimum bet on the number 50 RSD - Maximum 1000 RSD
  • Minimum bet on the number  200 RSD - Maximum  2 000 RSD

After you have taken your place at the table you will see the complete statistics of a large number of hands played and history, and on the right the information on the Dealer as well as the limits for placing chips during the game.

The “Call Bets” option will be used by the players that wish to play a Large (Zero) series, Small (5/8) series or Orphelins series in one click.

“Save Layout” option is so-called ‘2 of 2’, ‘3 of 3’ etc. where by playing one number the player covers certain numbers next to it.