What is the Second Chance - Prize Code?

The prize code is the last three digits of the six-digit payout code.

What is the special offer, and where can I find it?

Specials are the offer related to the sports offer and current interesting offer not related to sports.

How do you calculate multiple signs?

Double signs, triple signs, quadruple signs – are a type of system bets where a customer places different bets on the same match (two in double, three in triple...) where double or triple signs can be used in each of the stated system types. 

How do you calculate a system ticket?

Each combination is practically a smaller ticket for as many pairs as the player required for minimum hits in the system

How can I play a system ticket?

Select the matches you want, in the ticket option select system, select the system you wish, enter the amount and click on confirm.

Koji su zvanični rezultati odigranog meča?

Sve ponuđene igre se rezultuju na osnovu Zvaničnih Izvora Informisanja.  U pomenute izvore ubrajamo:

Can I cancel the ticket placed online?

It is not possible to cancel tickets from the site.

Kako da isplatim dobitni tiket iz kladionice na online nalog?

Prebaci lako svoj dobitak na nalog!


80 balls are placed in the drum, ranging from 1 to 80. In each draw, 20 balls are drawn from the drum.

What is a fast ticket?

Ticket created online, played in the betting shop, is fast ticket.

Where can I see the selected matches?

Selected pairs can be seen in the Ticket option.

Why is the Turbo Payout rejected on my ticket?

If you do not fulfill all the requirements for Turbo Payout your request will be rejected.