Live dealer games:


With all games, except for Blackjack, the player selects a table (dealer) and then joins the table by clicking the minimum/maximum limits below the statistical data of each table.

With Roulette and Baccarat it is possible to select the multiplayer first, offering and number of players at the table at the same time.

Live Dealer games can be combined; it is possible to play several games at the same time.

You need to activate the field ‘add table’ located in the bottom left corner of the screen when joining each table separately, and enter which table and which game you wish to play, in addition to the already selected one.

Baccarat – Game Rules

The game with 52 cards with the goal of predicting whose hand will be closer to the value of 9.

The player can bet on the Bank (dealer), himself or on a tie score.

Card values:

A – one point

10s, Js, Qs and Ks – 0 points

Other cards have their face value.

The player must place a bet.

Two cards are dealt to the player and the dealer and then, depending on the value of points won, one more card.

If the value received sums up to a value over 10, 10 points are deducted thus making the score.

The player is dealt the third card if the sum of cards is 5 or less.

The player is left with two cards if the sum is 6 or 7.

The dealer cannot draw the third card if the player’s cards sum up to 8 or 9.

Sic Bo – Game Rules

The game with 3 dice in which a player places a bet on numbers that will roll by throwing the dice underneath the glass ‘bell’ by the dealer.

The player can place the bet on the sum of dice rolled, on one, two or three numbers that will roll on the dice.

All options of dice rolls have their separate odds.

The bet is placed by the player setting a certain value of the chip on the field with options of dice roll, or the odds for each of the options.

At any time, the player can see the statistics and the history of rolls, located on the left and the right of the dealer.

Roulette – Game Rules

Roulette is a game in which the dealer spins the ball that falls into the wheel pockets numbered from 0, which is green, to 36, which are alternately black and red.

The player can place the bet on each number individually, but on number sectors as well, odds/evens, red/black, low/high numbers.

When the time for betting is open, that is, when the countdown starts the player can:

  • Repeat the bet with Rebet

  • Go step back with the selected bet using Undo

  • Erase all bets with Clear

The player can record its bets by placing them and then clicking ‘save layout’ and set a certain position of the bet.

“Autoplay” option serves as the repetition of the same bet for a certain number of times.

Basic information on the dealer, betting limits, statistics and history are located on the left and the right side of the screen.

  • The ball must spin in the direction opposite to the numbered wheel rotation

  • The ball must spin for at least 4 circles during the rotation

  • The ball must rotate

  • No foreign objects must be located within the wheel

Otherwise the bet is void.

Blackjack – Game rules

The game played with 52 cards in which a player competes with the dealer on who will reach the number of card points as close as possible to 21 or precisely 21, never over 21.

The cards have the following value:

A – counts as 1 or 11

10s, Js, Qs and Ks – count as 10

The other cards have their face value.

The dealer deals two cards to the player and depending on the number of points, the player decides whether to risk and draw more cards or stand.

If the number of points exceeds 21 the player loses.

If the player stands, the dealer tries to get the score closer to 21 than the player has.

The dealer must draw a card if a score is 16 or lower and stand if the score is 17.

At any moment, on the left and right side of the dealer, the statistics of previous hands is shown.

The player places bets on his cards, but in case all positions at the table are taken, the player can place a bet on a player located at the table, using the option “Bet Behind”.