What is the Meridian + Card?

In order to get the Meridian + Card you must have the Meridian website betting account and you should refer to our operators in the bet shop. 

What is the Meridian + Card for?

Meridian Team invests a lot of effort in making the Meridian + Card promotions diverse and interesting

How can I get the Meridian + Card?

You can apply for the Meridian + Card in the nearest Meridian bet shop with our operators. Just ask the operator to apply for the card for you and give him your Meridian account number. 

How can I use the Meridian + Card?

The Card can be used depending on the current promotion. Be sure to submit your Meridian + Card on every ticket payment in the bet shop.

Where can I use the Meridian + Card?

Have in mind that Meridian + Card is related to the bet shop you applied in, that is, you can use it only in the bet shop you applied for it in. 

Where can I get the information on the Meridian + Card promotions ?

To learn what promotion is related to the Meridian + Card feel free to ask our operators or contact our Customer Service. 

The promotion is ongoing and I have not received anything.

Benefits that come with the Meridian + Card are defined by the promotion that is currently ongoing. If it is a bonus, you must meet the conditions of the promotion. 

Where can I check if everything is OK with my Card?

If you doubt that your Meridian + Card is faulty or that something is wrong with it, you can contact our operators in the bet shop or our Customer Service.

Where can I submit a complaint to my Meridian + Card?

If you have a complaint related to your Meridian + Card or the promotion, or you have a proposal that could improve the promotions, contact our Customer Service.