LIVE DEALER - Baccarat

LIVE DEALER - Baccarat


If all the games of the Live dealer are VIP, Baccarat is surely a VIP game. This game, a favorite game of James Bond is played with 52 cards, where the win between the Bank and the player goes to the one with the sum of cards as close to 9 as possible, is known worldwide as the game of rich aristocracy, therefore, it often happens that the minimum “stakes” to join the table are very high.

Still, in addition to the selection of two dealers we adjusted minimum bets to our conditions and offered three options of tables:

Minimum bet 10 – Maximum 100 KM

Minimum bet 30 – Maximum 300 KM

Minimum bet 50 – Maximum 500 KM

In addition to statistical data on previous hands that are on the table, the upper left corner of the image includes the name of the table, appearance of the Dealer and its name, the Multiplayer option as well, that offers the same tables with several players on them.

Select the table and the dealer by setting one of the three monetary values you will use to join the table, just like the example in the image, where we have selected the table with minimum stakes of 10 to 100 KM.