LIVE DEALER - Blackjack



This is one of the oldest and most popular games not only in Casinos, but also, the game that was popular here at times where Casinos did not exist on this territory. There are almost no casino fans that haven’t tried their luck against the Dealer in the 52-card game where the sum of cards should be as close to 21 as possible, or precisely 21, but never over that figure. Before you pick the table, in addition to standard statistical information and dealer appearance, a table will appear with 7 players, where you will know, at any time, how many positions are filled.

Also, you will notice the option “Seated back” where we set a minimum and maximum limit of money you can use to play Blackjack.

Minimum limit is 25 KM and maximum 300 KM.

What is very important, there is an option called “Join Waiting List”. If all the seats at the table are full you can join the waiting list and when the first seat becomes free, you will be automatically seated at the table.

In the meantime, while you wait, you can use the option “Get Behind” where you bet with one of the participants sitting at the table, on his cards.

Minimum bet for this game is 10KM and the maximum is 200KM.

In addition to standard statistical data and the data on the Dealer, the cards of other players, and your cards, you will notice the writing on the table that the Dealer is obligated to draw the card at 16 and obligated to stop at 17 whatever the sum of your cards is.